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x oxy
Jul 30, 2022
Season 1 had a perfect introduction to all the characters and their traits, the animation was a bit sloppy at times but it was still decent season, nothing huge happened here except the introduction to mother kraang. Season 2 had to be my least favorite, bunch of random episodes. season was all over the place and the only season that didn’t and that much to the story. the only thing that made up for the season was the invasion which was top 5 for my favorite episodes. Season 3 had everything perfected, the beginning had the introduction to the farm house where leo was healing through the accident, cool new villains, and one of my other favorite episodes vision quest, next to that is another one of my favorite episodes, return to new york. The hunt for karai was defenitely thrilling and kept you wondering. You got your introduction to Bebop and Rocksteady too, the ending episode is my favorite episode of the whole show, “Annihilation” just the name of the episode is so badass and the episode had me out of my chair. Season 4 had a perfect smooth beginning from last season, the space adventure was awesome and fugitoid was a really cool dude, the ending of him was pretty sad. The darkest plight is also pretty dark and deep, the ending of splinter was also really sad. personally really liked this season, was about to pick this. Season 5 was ok. Kavaxas was definitely not my favorite villain in the season but Tatsu’s episode definitely made up for it. Usagi was also a badass character in this show and my favorite. Season 5 wasn’t even cannon to the storyline but it’s still a cool season, sadly it was a really short one too. Personally like this season.

x oxy

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